Climate Change Adaptation

Training for Building Capacity on Climate Change Adaptation

BWP organized a training course on “Capacity Building About Climate Change Adaptation” from 27 March to 31 March 2016 in association with Institute of Water Modeling (IWM). The main purpose of the training program was to share lessons, knowledge and experiences available in Bangladesh to manage and adapt climate related impact on water resources. Case studies and basics including policies were addressed by the highly qualified, experienced experts and professionals in this area.

A total of 10 trainees participated in the training program. Among them 2 were from BWDB, 1 from BARC, 1 from LGED, 1 from NGO Forum, 3 from IWM, 1 from Disaster Management Bureau (DMB) and 1 from WARPO. The training covered a range of topics including Agriculture and food security, Water supply and sanitation, infrastructure management, Flood management and Mainstreaming/cross cutting issues.

A detailed training report will be submitted to the regional office in April 2016.

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